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Take a closer look at our completely durable women’s bendable glasses

Marvel Optics offers women the perfect solution for long lasting flexible eyeglass frames with our premium titanium memory eyeglasses. These revolutionary bendable eyeglasses can be bent or twisted in literally any direction and return back to their original shape. Therefore, these flexible eyeglass frames are the perfect solution to anyone that is hard on their eyeglasses. It is important to keep in mind that memory eyeglasses are incredibly durable, but that does not mean indestructible and under extreme stress they can be broken, so exercise caution.

Browse our selection of flexible eyeglass frames to find the perfect match for you 

We offer a wide selection of bendable eyeglasses so that you are sure to find the perfect match to fit your personality and style. Use our easy to use tool for uploading or capturing your image so that you can virtually try on different flexible eyeglass frames to find the ones that best compliment your face.

Shop worry free when you buy eyeglasses online with Marvel Optics

When you buy your new discount prescription eyeglasses you get peace of mind with all our memory eyeglasses backed by a 100% money back guarantee. So, if you are unhappy with your new bendable eyeglasses for any reason, we give you an entire year to send them back for a full refund or exchange. So go ahead, buy those new eyeglasses you have been dreaming of and start saving money today.