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Lose the line and buy the subtle and classy look of women’s progressive lenses

Progressive eyeglasses serve the same purpose as bifocal eyeglasses by offering the wearer two prescriptions built into each lens. The top of progressive eyeglass lenses assist with seeing objects far away and the bottom of the lenses assist with seeing objects up close. However, the main difference between progressive eyeglasses and bifocal eyeglasses is the absence of the noticeable line between the two prescriptions on the progressive eyeglasses. Hence the term, no line bifocals is often used to describe these eyeglasses.

Buy high quality progressive glasses online at prices no competitor can beat

At Marvel Optics we believe everyone has the right to premium eyeglasses at affordable prices which is why we offer discount prescription glasses starting as low as $5.95. Our inventory features many stylish and low cost no line bifocals so you are sure to find the perfect pair to complement any occasion. In fact, our prices are so low you can afford to buy a new pair of no line bifocals for every day of the week, so you can change your look as often as you change your clothes!

Shop for eyeglasses online with Marvel Optics where the customer experience is our focus

Our website is easy to use making it convenient to shop for your new progressive glasses online right from the comfort and convenience of home. Additionally, we offer live chat support with highly trained and friendly customer service staff ready to answer any questions you might have. Furthermore, if you need to return your new progressive eyeglasses, send them back for your money back or an exchange, and we promise hassle free, easy returns. These are just more reasons why Marvel Optics is the #1 rated online prescription eyeglasses store.