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The future is now with Marvel Optics selection of women’s high definition glasses

The most advanced method for manufacturing quality eyeglasses is by using computerized digital surfacing technology to customize the lenses, and the result is what are known as high definition eyeglasses. The most typical type of high definition eyeglasses are the free form eyeglasses, which use this computerized technology to optimize the wearer’s prescription to result in the most accurate and more precise vision. Some of the benefits of free form eyeglasses include: sharper vision, less nightly glare, less halos and improved peripheral vision. This advanced technology creates a very light weight lens and is considered the best method for producing eyeglasses. Therefore, in the future, this may become the method for the creation of all light weight lenses for eyeglasses.

How do I know if free form eyeglasses are right for me?

For many individuals, even when 20/20 vision is achieved with the use of prescription glasses or naturally, vision may still be abnormal due to distortions such as halos or glares. High definition eyeglasses have been the only solution for people who in the past were never fully satisfied with their vision.

Shop for your new prescription glasses online confidently with our 100% money back guarantee

Sometimes it can be intimidating to buy something you have never used before, such as free form eyeglasses, but Marvel Optics eliminates that fear by backing our high definition eyeglasses with a 365 day money back guarantee. This protects you by giving you an entire year to send the glasses back if you are not completely satisfied with them for a full return or exchange. So with nothing to lose, start shopping our selection of discount glasses today.