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Type: {{product.display.lens}} ({{product.display.lenstype}}) Thickness: {{product.display.lensthickness}} Protection: {{product.display.lensprotection}} Tint: {{product.display.lenstint}} ({{product.display.lenstintcolor}})

Text a picture: Text an image of your prescription & Order # to (772) 800-MyRX (772-800-6979). Ensure to include your PD number.

Fax: Quickly fax your prescription details with your order # to (800) 832-5076. Ensure to include your PD number.

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  • Right Sphere (SPH): {{product.prescription.rightSphere}}
  • Right Cylinder (CYL): {{product.prescription.rightCylinder}}
  • Right Axis: {{product.prescription.rightAxis}}
  • Right Addition (near) ADD: {{product.prescription.rightAddition}}
  • Left Sphere (SPH): {{product.prescription.leftSphere}}
  • Left Cylinder (CYL): {{product.prescription.leftCylinder}}
  • Left Axis: {{product.prescription.leftAxis}}
  • Left Addition (near) ADD: {{product.prescription.leftAddition}}
  • Right Vertical Prism: {{product.prescription.rightVPrism}}
  • Right Vertical Base Direction: {{product.prescription.rightVDirection}}
  • Right Horizontal Prism: {{product.prescription.rightHPrism}}
  • Right Horizontal Base Direction: {{product.prescription.rightHDirection}}
  • Left Vertical Prism: {{product.prescription.leftVPrism}}
  • Left Vertical Base Direction: {{product.prescription.leftVDirection}}
  • Left Horizontal Prism: {{product.prescription.leftHPrism}}
  • Left Horizontal Base Direction: {{product.prescription.leftHDirection}}
  • Pupillary Distance (PD): {{product.prescription.mainPd}}
  • Right PD: {{product.prescription.rightPd}}
  • Left PD: {{product.prescription.leftPd}}
  • Extra Information: {{product.prescription.extrainfo}}
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