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Get the comfortable, long lasting and attractive benefits of men’s titanium glasses 

Marvel Optics knows exactly what men want in a pair of eyeglasses which is why we offer titanium eyeglasses. For many years, titanium eyeglasses frames have been one of the top choices for metal frames because titanium is the most light weight of all the metals and they are durable glasses. As the years go by, many metal eyeglass frames will tarnish, but titanium eyeglasses frames stand the test of time, resistant to corrosion which leaves you looking good for years to come. Titanium eyeglasses are nickel free making them an ideal choice for anyone that has a sensitivity to metals.

Virtually try on titanium eyeglasses online to find the pair that looks best on you

These durable eyeglasses are available in a large variety of frames. Marvel Optics lets you upload your photo so you can see which of the titanium eyeglasses frames looks best on you before you order. Feel free to try on many prescription eyeglasses online with our convenient way to shop, you never have to feel rushed.

Take advantage of our many offers when you buy discount prescription glasses with us

Every pair of eyeglasses sent out from Marvel Optics is carefully inspected to ensure they are only of the highest quality and match your order exactly. Then they are securely packaged and shipped out within 24 hours to arrive safely at your home with free accessories included. Oftentimes, the order is shipped out free of charge when you use one of our many offers for free shipping and handling.