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Explore the incredible array of choices within our selection of kid’s plastic glasses

Plastic eyeglasses frames make up one of the largest groups of eyeglasses offered in children’s sizes. The reason these plastic prescription eyeglasses have become so popular is because they are light weight and comfortable and the plastic is durable in the respect that is doesn’t show dings or dents in a matter that light weight eyeglasses made of metal are prone to.

While these points are solid, perhaps the most popular reason why people love plastic eyeglasses frames, if the endless possibilities of colors, shapes, styles and sizes. Plastic prescription eyeglasses can be made in any color and molded to form any shape or frame, so even the pickiest child can find a pair of plastic eyeglasses that suits their style.

We offer cheap eyeglasses without ever sacrificing quality

Our dedication to delivering the best possible eye glasses online at the lowest possible prices is evident when you see our quality built eyeglass frames that start at only $5.95.

Save money today when you buy plastic prescription eyeglasses from Marvel Optics 

We give consumers many ways to save money when they shop with us for their new light weight eyeglasses. First off, our prices are unbeatable, leaving some extra padding in your wallet. Secondly, we feature special discount offers and available free shipping and handling. Finally, we always include free accessories with all of our orders. Buy your kids plastic eyeglasses frames to start saving now.