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Comfort is taken to a whole new level with our selection of kid’s rimless glasses

Rim less glasses can easily be argued as the most comfortable light weight eyeglasses on the market today. Marvel Optics extends this comfort to even our youngest customers by offering a variety of rimless eyeglass frames for kids. These innovative light weight eyeglasses have no rims encircling the lenses, rather they are held in place with the arms of rimless eyeglass frames. In recent years, this style has become incredibly popular. One reason rimless eyeglass frames have become so highly sought after is because from a distance you can barely even see them on your face. Thus, making these frames a great option for kids that don’t like the look of wearing eyeglasses.

Now your kids can get the designer look of rim less glasses at a price the average Joe can afford

In the past, these trendy eyeglasses could only be found at top dollar prices. Marvel Optics is changing the way you view buying prescription eyeglasses online by giving you the opportunity to buy cheap eyeglasses with the highest quality. In fact, we have frames starting as low as $5.95.

Feel secure when you buy rim less glasses backed by our 100% money back guarantee 

Nobody needs extra worries in life, this is why Marvel Optics has a 365 day return policy on the eyeglasses we sell. This means that if you are unhappy with your new light weight eyeglasses for any reason, we give you an entire year to send them back for a full refund or exchange.