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We offer contemporary style for even the youngest members of the family with our kid’s half rim glasses

At Marvel Optics, we believe that the latest trends should not be limited to only adults. This is why we offer the stylish half rim eyeglasses in children’s sizes. Coming in an array of colors, styles and variations, our options for children half rim frames are multiple giving kids the freedom to choose the half rim prescription glasses that best suit their unique personality. These popular half rim eyeglasses typically feature a frame that encompasses only the top halves of the lenses and the lower halves of the lenses are usually held in place by a filament string and have an open appearance.

Have fun virtually trying on half rim frames and browsing the selection online

Enjoy shopping online for discount prescription glasses with Marvel Optics. Our website features easy to use filter options making it easy to narrow down your selection of half rim prescription glasses. What kids like most about our website, is our easy to use tool that allows them to either upload or capture their photo so they can try on as many half rim frames as they want, in search for the perfect pair.

Buy your online eyeglasses backed with a 100% money back guarantee 

We know that you are going to be pleased with the half rim prescription glasses you buy with Marvel Optics. But, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, feel free to simply send them back for a full refund or exchange and we promise you a hassle-free easy return process.