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Explore all your options when it comes to kid’s full rim glasses

We believe that all children are unique and deserve to find the perfect pair of eyeglasses that are just as original as them, this is why we have an extensive selection of full rim prescription frames especially for kids. The full rim frames category encompasses the vast majority of children’s eyeglasses because this title applies to all eyeglasses that have a full frame that encircles the lenses. Therefore, full rim prescription eyeglasses include frames made of many different materials including: plastic, stainless steel, titanium and wooden. Not only coming in a variety of materials, our full rim prescription frames for children are also available in many shapes including: oval, shield, wayfarer and rectangle. So with all the choices of full rim prescription frames we offer, your child is sure to find full rim frames that match their personality.

Get the best of both worlds with our low cost and high quality full rim prescription eyeglasses

At Marvel Optics, we firmly believe that everyone has a fundamental right to vision without any financial hardships, including children. This is why we sell children’s eye glasses online that deliver the highest quality at unbeatable prices.

Buy new full rim prescription frames with Marvel Optics and get more than what you paid for

With every pair of discount glasses we sell, included will be accessories in order for you to take the best care of your new full rim prescription eyeglasses. Be sure to take hold of the opportunity to save even more money with our offers for free shipping and handling.