Color Guide for Selecting glasses




 #1 Skintone

-Light skin with Warm Undertones
goes well with a warm tortoishell or brown

-Light skin with a pink case and blue undertones
goes well with blues, pinks and jewel tones.
Avoid yellow, gold, green

-Medium skin with yellow/green undertones
tortoiseshell, warm browns, rich green hues, gold

-medium skin with a pink/blue undertone/Olive skin
jewel tones

-deep skin with a golden cast
deep brown,gold, tortoiseshell

-deep skin with a cool blue undertone
purple and black, blue based greens, smoky blues

#2 Hair Color

-pinks, peaches, opaque creams

-solid cream, whites

-blue, greens, bright tortoise

gray & white
-avoid beige or brown

#3 Eye Color

Green Eyes
-earthy brown and gold tones, contrast with pink and purple colors

Blue eyes
-blue and gray tones,contrast with rich browns and tortoiseshell

hazel eyes
-deep greens and gray and gold

brown eyes
-warm colors like toirtoiseshell, gold and green

#4 Purpose and Personality

Business and Professional

Conservatively shaped and colored frames are typically favorable in a business setting, instilling a sense of confidence and professionalism in your interactions with clients and colleagues.

Fashionable and Creative

Modern shapes, flourishing cutouts and colorful frames are exciting ways to show off your creative side and add a finishing flair to your outfit.

Students and Academics

Focus on your personal style while adding a touch of professionalism to your look. For business or science students, look for a more sober, professional look that will instill a sense of confidence when you are dealing with your peers. For students of the arts, choose a more colorful palette – serious enough for when you present your work and pursue your career, yet playful enough to express your creative side.


Selecting glasses might not be as simple as you might think but with this guide and the variety of options we have available, you could find your next favorite accesory!