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Keep up with the styles and buy the hottest square eyeglasses online with Marvel Optics

square eyeglasses is a style that first emerged in the in later 1950s and marks a time period that when glasses shifted from the traditional metal frames and introduced the new lines of plastic frames were introduced. The height of popularity for the square frames was in the 1980s when many popular movies featured actors sporting square eyeglasses or square sunglasses.  The 1990s were not good for this style of frames and then in the mid 2000s square prescription sunglasses popularity was again on the rise with these frames popping up everywhere.

Choose from a huge selection of square prescription glasses at the best prices online

Marvel Optics offers the bold and stylish square frames in many different colors and sizes to fit your unique personality. We even have the popular square sunglasses that are typically bought at only high end prices for a mere fraction of the cost in our enormous selection of sunglasses.

Enjoy shopping for your new eyeglasses online easily from the comfort of your home 

We have designed our website to offer the most convenient way to shop for your next pair of discount prescription eyeglasses. We have eyeglasses experts and friendly staff in our customer service department that are available to answer any questions you have to help walk you through the process. We also offer you the convenient option of uploading your own photo so that you can virtually try on square frames or any other of our countless frames before making your purchase. So start shopping and save today.