Sight is a sense of the human body that enables us to view the world around us. It is to say that this sense is a privilege as there are many people in this world that do not have such a gift; I am grateful to be able to call myself one of the lucky ones. Vision is much more than seeing what is in front of you, it is also how you interpret the images that are in front of you. A child that is seeing a playground for the first time will see it differently than the parent who is taking them to the playground. To the child, this playground can be a castle or a boat, anything that the child can imagine. The gift of sight is what this child uses to imagine these beautiful marvels. Sight allows you to experience the world surrounding you in a different way than the other human senses. Vision is what we use to view an object, scene, and/or other beings in present time. Using our sight we can also envision what we have already seen with our eyes by just closing them and recalling a place and time in which we wish to see. Therefore, not only can you use vision to see what surrounds you at the present time but it can be used to visualize a future, a dream, a memory and an imagination. That child with the extraordinary imagination can close his eyes and see that same playground again because he was able to see it in the first place.

Theodore Roosevelt once said “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground”. I do not believe that the twenty-sixth president of the United States was suggesting standing outside in the middle of the night and looking upwards. Although if such a stance were done in the right place at the right time the serenity of the stars and the surroundings might be enough to clear one’s mind. With the literal interpretation aside, I do believe this metaphor has to do with dreaming. The type of dream that leader of the Civil Rights Movement Martin Luther King Jr had; not the type of dream where you are standing in front of your classmates in your underwear. “Keep your eyes on the stars” is referring to keeping your sights on your dreams. By this I mean to start or continue to pursue what you wish to accomplish in your life. Even if this feat is far away and nearly impossible to reach, such as the stars, you must “keep your eyes on the stars”. When someone is said to be grounded they are said to be harmonious and levelheaded. When Theodore Roosevelt said to also keep your feet on the ground he meant that while you are dreaming of the future to also remember to be in the present and not let your dreams carry you away. One must continue to dream but also stay levelheaded, grounded and most importantly humble.