A world without sight is dysfunctional in many areas. Imagine a world where nothing is visible to the eye so everything’s done in the darkness. In the darkness there isn’t anyone you can see who can inspire you or influence you, consequently your thoughts and ideas are limited. In the darkness there is chaos, everyone is preoccupied with their own opinions and way of doing things; they fail to see other options of accomplishing things.

Almost every vision starts with sight literally and metaphorically.    Metaphorically, the ability to see a goal makes it possible to have the vision to navigate towards a goal. However, the inability to see a goal may jeopardize an opportunity to navigate towards a goal. A child who lacks the sight to see the varying colors in art may miss an opportunity to not only appreciate art, but also unleash a passion for art that she is unaware of. An adult that wants to excel at her craft through education but lacks the sight to see presentations during lectures may miss an opportunity to expand her knowledge about her craft. Vision connects the mind with sight. People lacking sight have to put more energy into creating vision. However, having great vision leads to a world without ease, a world with extensive understanding in contradiction to chaos, and a sense of originality in ideas, views, and thoughts. In a literal way, the ability to have sight deepens memorable experiences; a grandmother who is not able to see her first grandchild’s dimple, the same dimple the grandmother’s father had, a man whom the grandmother adored or  a mother who isn’t able to see her daughter walking across the graduation stage because she lacks the ability to see clearly. Little moments such as the ones mentioned are magnified when sight and vision health is attended to properly.

When Theodore Roosevelt said, “keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground,” Theodore was implying people should always keep sight of their goals, and experiences while taking use of their vision to navigate towards them, people like my grandmother and mother.  My grandmother was able to have a memorable experience because she put on her glasses to see my cousin’s dimple. My mother used her last paycheck to buy glasses so that she can see me walk across the graduation stage. Sight keeps me inspired by different art forms, and understanding so I can gain knowledge. Vision is the drive I use to reach my goal of starting a career within fashion marketing so that I can bring an emphasis on art into the fashion industry. Now imagine myself, a near-sighted person trying to stay grounded so that I can execute my goals daily without ease? I will be a chicken walking around with its head cut off the entire time! To prevent a day of living in a world of chaos I put on my eyeglasses and I am able to execute my goals with clear vision.