Marvel Optics is helping eyeglass wearers find the perfect match for years now. One reason we have kept our prices low is that we want our customers to change their prescription glasses as frequently as they want. Yet, we understand that some people tend to get too attached to the frame they really like. While it is a good thing, it is not an excuse to delay your eye exam.  Whether or not you want a new eyeglasses frame, you should know when you need new lenses.

Not wearing the right powered lenses for too long can have many side effects. You will not be able to perform daily activities properly and the vision will degrade faster than it should. So, how do you save yourself from all the trouble?

Simple – look for these signs and symptoms and get yourself a new pair of discounted eyeglasses online.

Blurred Vision

Blurred vision can refer to a sudden and occasional blur of vision and loss of focus. That can happen to one or both the eyes. It can be due to a drastic change of your vision or it could also indicate a bigger issue, such as cataract. In any case, this calls for an immediate consultation from your ophthalmologist.




Sudden Flashes
Sudden flash

Just like sudden blurs, some people experience sudden flashes or floaters in front of their eyes. This is the kind of phenomenon that occurs when you look at a bright light or flashes. However, if it happens for no reason or in the presence of a light that isn’t that bright, it could indicate a change of vision or severe problems related to the retina.





Double Vision




Double vision is different from blurring and it often happens in cases when both the eyes have a difference in vision. If that difference increases, the double vision becomes frequent or even a constant issue. Ophthalmologists know exactly how to balance the difference in prescribing the right type of lenses.  Do  see one immediately.




Loss of Clarity

lossof clarity


Try to keep a tab on how clear your vision was when you started using your current glasses, and see if things aren’t that clear anymore. If you are unable to read distant objects such as billboards, or close objects such as text in books, from the distance you are used to, it definitely means a change in vision.





Eye Strain

Eye strain


If your eyes start to feel strained or fatigued all the time, and you feel much better without your glasses on, you should see an ophthalmologist as soon as you possible. It is one of the clearest indications of a changing vision.






Typically, people fail to associate their constant headache to one of the most common reasons i.e. Changed eye vision. It is one of the earliest signs, especially if you are not already wearing any kind of vision correcting eyeglasses. Parents should be especially vigilant in case of kids complaining about recurring headaches.






People who cannot see clearly tend to squint a lot. Squint is a natural way to improve the focus and clarity, but it actually does more harm in the long term. By squinting, you are putting excessive strain of the eye, making your problem even worse. If you find yourself squinting a lot while reading or watching TV, you definitely need new lenses.

With changed power comes new glasses, and with our ever-expanding collection, you can actually find a frame even better than you’re currently loved one. Don’t forget to check out the types of lenses we offer in our online store.