About Marvel Optics

Marvel Optics was created with customers in mind, those who are looking for quality eyewear at an affordable price. It is in our DNA to understand your needs, and create innovative solutions better than anyone thought possible. Unlike most of the other internet eyewear providers, we aim to build lasting relationships with our customers.

The independent needs of our customers, and their unique challenges, drives us to look beyond the conventional industry business modes. We identify strong suppliers from around the world, audit their factories, and alter their processes to ensure they meet the flexibility our customers need. The standards are high, and only the best suppliers make the cut. And once approved, we avoid the middle men in order to work directly with the suppliers to reiterate your comments and concerns. We have learned that this creates a never-ending cycle of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Your feedback, coupled with decades of experience in the industry, allows us to bring you a full array of market-leading products including prescription eyeglasses, premium and prescription sunglasses.